Our stated aim is “to advance education and training in rural skills and such other matters of educational value as the Trustees determine, in Devon”

In reality we wish to help people living and or working in the rural community to develop skills, access training and obtain qualifications which may assist them in employment or is for personal or wider community benefit.

As the DART Trust is not a training provider we work with selected partner organisations and businesses to deliver courses. Alternatively many applicants identify the course they wish to attend and apply to the Trust for financial assistance. (Please read the guidance notes, published with the application form for further information)


Examples of courses that we have previously supported (please note this list is not exhaustive, and provided they fit with our aims, we are always open to new suggestions).

Farm administration and book keeping

DIY Artificial Insemination

ATV Handling (Quad Bike)

PA1, PA2, PA6 (Pesticide handling and application)


Emergency First Aid

Sign Language training


Please note for B+E Trailer training and testing the Trust have negotiated a preferential rate with a provider in Exeter, therefore we do not typically provide additional funding. If you’re interested in B+E please email your details and we will put you in contact with our provider, in exceptional circumstances we may consider providing financial support but this will be assessed on a case by case basis.