The Devon Agricultural and Rural Training Trust was established in 2017 and is a registered Charity. It is a successor organisation to the Devon Proficiency Test Committee Fund (DPTCF) which was wound up in 2008, with the financial assets being transferred to a restricted fund. DARTT now holds that fund and can use any interest or income generated to carry out our objectives which are broadly aligned with those of DPTCF but reflect the changed nature of our industry and community.

The Trustees

DARTT is run by an appointed board of Trustees who meet on a regular basis; all have long-standing links to agriculture and the wider rural community. The Trustees can be contacted via the administrator.

Claire Purser – Administrator

Peter Reed – Chair

Chris Berry – Vice Chair

Jon Cleave

Laura Stanbury

Annemarie Broomfield

Hon. Treasurer

Terry Rounsefell